7 Ways to Be a Blessing to Others

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Life is busy and it’s easy to isolate ourselves and focus on our own situations. I’m guilty of this myself and I forget to be a blessing to others because I’m so consumed with my own situations.

I’m constantly having to remind myself that I need to get out of my “bubble” and get the focus off myself.

This for everyone. There is no way to get around it. Bible verses about blessing others make it very clear that we are to share the love of Christ with each other.

We are surrounded by people daily who we can bless. Pray that you can be a blessing to others if it’s not already in your heart to bless them.

Knowing the love of Christ is an amazing feeling. Being a blessing to others can be the perfect opportunity to share God’s love.

Knowing what it feels like to be loved should encourage us to share that love with others.

God’s love is the perfect example for us to start learning how to love and bless others.

Be a blessing to others

What is a Blessing?

We usually hear the word blessing when it comes to God. And yes, we all want blessings from God. We want His favor and protection.

As Christians, we are called to share God’s love with the world. That’s where being a blessing comes in. You are a blessing if you choose to bless others.

How to Be a Blessing to Others

Blessing others may come easy to some of us. If we can put ourselves aside and put others before ourselves, we can be a blessing.

The Bible teaches that Jesus is always first and that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. That means that others should come before us. Here’s my favorite acronym to remember that.

J – Jesus
O – Others
Y – Yourself

You are a blessing when you look out for the needs of others. Pray today and ask God to work through you so you can be a blessing for His Glory.

He will equip you, you just need to ask. Have faith that He will use you.

Ways to Be a Blessing

1. Pray for Others

Praying is the most important thing we can do. Praying equips us with the daily protection we need each day. Prayer for others is just as importantGod can move mountains and praying can do just that.

It’s easy to become selfish and only pray for our circumstances. If praying is a blessing in our lives, can you imagine how much you could be a blessing to others by praying for them?

I’ve been overwhelmed by praying for others in the past. I often forget what I need to pray for after talking with someone. I made the decision to pray for that person immediately so I don’t forget.

If I forget, I trust that our God knows everything and knows what I’m thinking before I even speak.  So I try not to be so hard on myself.

2. Meet a Need

We have so many needs. Most of them are tended to without us even thinking about it. This makes it hard for us to know what others may need.

However, there are lonely people out there and that may be easier for us to see. Sometimes it’s more obvious than other times.

In order for us to meet a need, we need to listen. Sometimes we can meet their needs just by taking the time to listen to them.

3.  Be an Encouragement

Encouragement is such a comforting word. We can become discouraged daily and it only takes a second for that to set in.

I get discouraged when I’m homeschooling my kids. My husband keeps me encouraged and it’s such a blessing.

Being a blessing to others through encouragement doesn’t have to be difficult. It could be a simple as helping someone make a decision when they can’t make up their mind.

4. Be Thoughtful

I love the idea of knowing people are thinking of me. You can see it in someone’s actions. Being caught up in my own “bubble” can cause me to forget about the people around me.

I have to be very intentional about this. You can be thoughtful by picking up the phone and calling someone or picking up a small gift that reminds you of someone.

One day I knew my friend was having a rough time so I picked up some flowers at the store and dropped them off to her.

The idea is to be a blessing by letting someone else know you are thinking of them. You could even give someone free Bible verse printables,  free printable Bible studies, or send them some free Christian wallpaper for their phone to encourage them. It doesn’t have to break the bank.

Blessing Others

5. Speak Kind Words

When I’m in a bad mood, it’s easy for me to be rude. My behavior in those times can really set the mood in my house. Kind words are so uplifting.

Learning to only speak kind words is a long-time prayer of mine. I’m not talking about bad language, I’m talking about being irritated and then saying something that sounds mean.

Blessing others by saying kind words can make their day. If you can’t think of what to say, give them a compliment. Tell someone their hair looks nice or they did a good job.

Then pray that the Lord would give you opportunities and the words to say so you can speak kind words easily.

6. Give Your Time

Life is busy and I’m sure you would agree that we could all use a little more time. If you are in a conversation with someone they will most likely say they are busy somewhere in the conversation.

I’m actually guilty of saying that myself. If you notice someone is busy or they say they are busy, maybe you should ask them how you can help them.

You could watch their kids while they go to the grocery store or on a date, help them with a project they may be doing, or run some errands for them.

7.  Bless Someone on a Tight Budget

Being on a tight budget is rough. While creating a good budget is important, trying to make ends meet is hard. You could do multiple things to be a blessing to others in this situation.

You can dedicate an envelope of money to give to them. You need to use your own discretion here because most people are very private about money situations.

It would probably be better if you gave them money secretly. Maybe you can slip money into their Bible or stuff it somewhere in their car.

Other options would be to give them hand-me-down clothing, a used Bible or Bible cover, or even bring them a meal.

Have you been Blessed to be a Blessing?

I’d love to hear the ways you’ve been blessed to be a blessing or the tips you may have about blessing others.

Being a blessing to others is a selfless act. It’s focusing on that person and how we can bless them. It’s something we need to be intentional about.

If I’m not thinking about it, I could go days without blessing someone because I’m too focused on my own situation. Pray that the Lord will show you how you can bless others.

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